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Superlinguist Resource Manager released

KT International announced the availability of the Superlinguist Resource Manager, a new member of its Superlinguist family of software localization tools. ”We now offer the software developer two choices for localizing the user interfaces of their application software,” said Henwell Chou, president of KT International. ”Our unique patented Superlinguist product continues to offer localization without the need to access source code, whereas the new Superlinguist Resource Manager provides developers and translators facilities to localize by using resource files. Combined, the two tools offer a breadth of localization flexibility.”

The Superlinguist Resource Manager translation management tool simplifies the process of resource file translation. Included in the product are features designed to: facilitate the capture of original language text strings, ease the process of translating resource file text strings from the original to the destination language, and simplify repopulating resource files with destination language text strings.

KT International is a leading provider of software localization tools and consulting services. KT's family of software localization tools helps software developers deliver multilingual versions of application software to the non-English speaking world. KT sells its products and services to software developers and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.

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New productivity tools for Super Linguist localization software

Super Linguist, the software localization product line first released in November 1993, now includes two productivity tools, Super Linguist Manager and Super Linguist Resource Editor. The original product, Super Linguist Engine, coupled with a dictionary, translates the presentation of a software application to any language during real-time operations. The new tool Super Linguist Manager creates, maintains and modifies the application dictionaries. When a new application dictionary is created, Super Linguist Manager allows the user to specify the kinds of objects on the application to be translated. Super Linguist Resource Editor adjusts the application dialog box objects so that a translation fits within the limited space of the dialog box template. It also retrieves the texts from resource files (e.g. string tables, menus) and adds them to the dictionary built for the application.

Accent to distribute KT's superlinguist

Accent Software International Ltd. announced an agreement with KT International, Inc. to become a reseller throughout Europe for KT's superlinguist family of software localization tools. ”KT International's superlinguist products will serve as a useful adjunct to Accent's own core offerings in the Language Information Technology (LIT) market - the Global Development Kit and the [email protected] localization suite - allowing Accent to address specific localization situations,” said Todd Oseth, Accent's President and Chief Executive Officer.

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