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Komei/Win 2.1 Japanese localization tool available as shareware

The ongoing research and development of SR Network's Komei/Win Japanese localization tool has produced version 2.1. Available as shareware on the Internet, Komei continues to revolutionize the way English software applications are localized into Japanese. Once installed on Japanese Windows, Komei allows hundreds of Windows-based English applications to be used on a Japanese operating system in the native tongue.

”We are very excited about the advantages Komei will bring to the US software developer now that they can localize quickly, cheaply and without disclosing their source codes,” said President Mitsuo Nakamura. ”The Japanese software market is vast, but has been inaccessible for the smaller, more focused US developer. Komei will be their key for entry into this market.” Komei enables the developer to bypass the incumbent localization process entirely and put their applications into the hands of the Japanese end user immediately.

The Beijing, China, based R&D team is currently developing the next version of Komei, due out by the end of 1996, which will run on Windows NT. Plans are for a Mac OS version and for Chinese and Korean localization capabilities. Based in San Francisco, SR Network is a subsidiary of SoftRenaissance, Inc., with offices in Beijing, Tokyo and London. SR Network's Inabata Sales Office.

Past news for SR Network

Komei/Win goes global

SR Network announced that Korean (Hangul) and Chinese (Taiwan) versions of its globalization tool, Komei, are being developed for release in early 1997. These versions, together with the existing Japanese version give English software developers access to the Asian software market. SR Network has also laid the groundwork for developing a European version. This will include a pull down menu function allowing the application to be used in a choice of several major European languages.

Available as shareware on SR's Japanese Web site, Komei Lite has been downloaded by Japanese users for several months, allowing them access to many English applications in Japanese. Komei enables the developer to bypass the localization process and put their applications into the hands of the local end user immediately.

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