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Arial Translations expands Chinese services for high-tech

Arial Translations relocated to a new operations office while expanding its services. Arial offers Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations for the high-tech industry, covering software interfaces, documentation, help files and the full spectrum of promotional materials such as brochures, advertising and product packaging. With full in-house translation, editing, desktop publishing and output capability, Arial is a one-stop shop for most projects.

Established in 1994, Arial Translations focuses on providing quality Chinese translations to high-tech companies. With clients like Intel and HP, Arial supports every modern communication method available (e-mail, FTP, World Wide Web, etc.).

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Arial announces Web localization and automated communications

Arial Translations announced the availability of Web localization and commercialization services, combining Web site translations with new software technology that automates ongoing communications in any language.

Called Automated Web Marketing Engine, this collection of services and technology first localizes the entire site into the target language, including text, graphics and forms. Next, technology is implemented to capture the customer information generated by Web forms, generating a prospect or customer database. A second piece of technology, the E-mail Messenger, intelligently keeps in touch with customers or prospects, sending personalized e-mail messages in the target language, all based on the status of that customer, today's date and the desired messages to be sent.

For example, a Web site visitor from Taiwan would automatically receive a series of e-mail messages in Traditional Chinese, with the first message possibly being a ”thank you” message, and then follow up messages being automatically sent on a predetermined schedule. Such messages can include tips, product information, surveys, requests for referrals, and so on.

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