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FLiP for Portuguese

Ferramentas para a Língua Portuguesa, FLiP, is a spell-checker, thesaurus, hyphenator and simple text editor. FLiP is compatible with all the Microsoft Windows applications, which integrate these tools. The spell-checker is fully compatible with Word 2, 6 and 7, Excel, PowerPoint, Mail, Project, Publisher, FoxPro and Works. The thesaurus is compatible with Word 6 and 7, and the hypenator is compatible with Word 2, 6 and 7. FLiP works on any Windows platform. FLiP is also being ported to the Macintosh platform, where it will be integrated with Microsoft Word.

The spell-checker knows more than 400,000 words, which are drawn not only from Porto Editora's dictionaries, but also from tests made from a great number of real texts from documental databases, books, news from the Portuguese news agency, magazines, newspapers and Portuguese texts available on the Internet. FLiP's price is approximately US$80, not including shipping and handling.

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