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Text-to-speech software offers high-quality speech

Eloquent Technology Inc. has introduced Eloquence, a multipurpose software package that produces human-like speech from any English text. Eloquence has a high-level annotation scheme that allows users to mimic international effects such as emphasis, excitement and boredom, as well as a choice of custom voices such as male, female and child, voice quality such as degree of hoarseness, breathiness and pitch level. It can be used for language education and simulation.

The English text may include abbreviations, phonetic symbols, proper names and fractions. A definable dictionary allows users to add their own pronunciations. Eloquent Technology plans to introduce modules for Japanese, Spanish and German in the future. Eloquence was developed with the Delta Systems, a programming language and development environment for speech synthesis, which permits the rapid development of highly maintainable, customizable programs.

Past news for Eloquent Technology Inc.

Eloquent Technology releases new languages; plans WinCE versions

Eloquent Technology, Inc., a company specializing in text-to-speech synthesis, announced the release of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Finnish versions of ETI-Eloquence, a text-to-speech system offering high speech quality, low-memory requirements, performance and flexibility.

Eloquent Technology also offers US and UK English, Standard French, Canadian French, German, Castilian Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. A Korean text-to-speech system is currently under development and will be available early next year.

The company also announced its plans to speech-enable handheld computing devices by porting its high-quality, low-memory text-to-speech software to Microsoft's latest WinCE operating system. A release is expected by December 2000.

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