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First Hebrew multimedia instruction title ready

TriplePlay Plus! Hebrew develops pronunciation skills with speech recognition technology licensed from Dragon Systems, Inc. Speech recognition is embedded in interactive games and conversations that provide an engaging, multimedia immersion approach to language learning. TriplePlay Plus! includes a high-quality dynamic microphone for use with the speech recognition and record/playback features.

TriplePlay Plus! Hebrew, a Windows CD-ROM title, is co-published by Syracuse Language Systems, Inc. and Random House, Inc. as part of the Living Language Multimedia product line. The title is produced in cooperation with the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and has a suggested retail price of $99.95.

Past news for HAVAS

Syracuse Language Systems licenses Dragon Systems' speech recognition technology

Syracuse Language Systems Inc. (SLS) has licensed Dragon Systems Inc.'s proprietary speech recognition technology for use in SLS foreign language instruction software packages. SLS plans to release a series of titles which will use the Dragon VoiceTools technology to give a multimedia PC the power to listen and understand the learner's voice and reply, entirely in the foreign language being learned. The first Syracuse Language Systems title to incorporate Dragon Systems' speech recognition technology will be released in July under the Playing with Language product line. The title will run on any MPC-compliant PC and will have a suggested retail price of under $100.

Speech recognition used in foreign language learning software

Syracuse Language Systems Inc. has released TriplePlay Plus!, the first consumer educational software to use speech recognition technology. The CD-ROM-based foreign language instruction programs incorporate Automatic Speech Recognition technology licensed from Dragon Systems Inc. The software recognizes and responds to the user's voice speaking in a foreign language.

Organized into three levels of language complexity, TriplePlay Plus! has over 50 games and comic strips that teach the learner to read, speak and understand 1,000 words and phrases, as well as conversational dialogues. A recording of a native speaker's voice is always available as a pronunciation model. A pre-release version of TriplePlay Plus! received a NewMedia INVISION 1994 Award of Merit and an INNOVATIONS 1994 Software Honors Award at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show.

TriplePlay Plus! Spanish and TriplePlay Plus! French began shipping in July 1994, and German and English-as-a-Second-Language versions are scheduled to follow. TriplePlay Plus! runs on a Multimedia PC-compatible system and its suggested retail price is $99.95.

Speech recognition for learning languages

Syracuse Language Systems and Random House released three CD-ROM titles: Spanish Your Way and French Your Way, both complete multimedia language learning programs; and Let's Talk, a multi-language vocabulary/pronunciation skill builder.

Your Way programs are complete, beginning- to advanced-intermediate-level courses for adults. They offer branching conversations, grammar, skill-building activities, a multimedia glossary and language notes. Students will experience the important aspects of everyday life in a foreign country by participating in conversations that change direction, or branch, based on their spoken responses. In the conversations, learners are given the opportunity to hear and say any of several different phrases, much as they would in a real-life exchange.

Skill-building activities complement the conversations, for a complete experience in which users will learn to understand, speak, read and write in the new language. The Windows CD-ROM titles include a dynamic microphone and an audio cassette of Your Way conversations. The suggested retail price for each title is $125.

Language Students ”hit the road

Syracuse Language Systems, which earlier this year was purchased by Cendant Software, and Kaplan Educational Centers began shipment of two new language learning software titles. Spanish for the Real World and French for the Real World immerse students as they complete seven educational activities and three arcade-style games. Students learn French or Spanish as they compete in a road rally around France or Mexico. Content complements first-year French or Spanish curriculum. The program includes over 1,200 vocabulary words and phrases and opportunities to hear native speakers.

Other recent language learning releases from Syracuse are Accent Coach, which helps Japanese speakers improve their English pronunciation, and Language Connect Self-Study Spanish, a stand-alone program that includes four CD-ROMs.

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