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Twinbridge version upgrade, new Chinese fonts

Twinbridge Software Corporation announces Chinese Partner version 4.0 and new TwinBridge TrueType Font Packs. The Twinbridge Chinese system allows users of the English-language version of Microsoft Windows to display, enter, and edit Chinese text without additional software or operating systems.

The new version of Twinbridge is built around a new Unicode engine which supports over 20,000 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in multiple internal coding systems, including GB, Big5, GB CJK, Big5 CJK, and TB CJK.

Other new features of Twinbridge 4.0 include Super Pinyin and Zhuyin input methods which allow users to key-in text continuously without pausing to select characters. The Microsoft Chinese Windows input method editor is also supported. TwinBridge 4.0 includes such language tools as a two-way Chinese/English dictionary and a basic two-way Chinese/English translation utility. The newest version of Twinbridge also supports TrueType outline fonts. Twinbridge offers eight font packs ($99 each) each containing three Chinese character fonts. These fonts are only compatible with Twinbridge version 4.0.

Past news for TwinBridge Software Corporation

Chinese Partner 2000 released

TwinBridge Software Corporation announced the release of Chinese Partner 2000 (CP2000). Consisting of Chinese Handwriting Recognition System, Chinese OCR System (SharpEye 2.0), English-Chinese Two-way Dictionary version 3.0, Language Plus and Media Binder, Chinese Partner 2000 provides an all-in-one Chinese solution to support Microsoft Windows 98/95 and Microsoft Office, as well as other Unicode applications. CP2000 has a suggested retail price of $299 per copy, but TwinBridge is offering a special promotion price of $238 per copy until June 30.

CJK Partner 3.0 for NT released

TwinBridge Software announced the release of Chinese, Japanese & Korean Partner 3.0 for NT. The multilingual system enables Asian language word processing in English Windows NT environment as well as in localized Windows NT. CJK Partner supports both Unicode and ANSI applications. Additionally, it automatically selects the appropriate display and input code mode based on language preference's selection and the current application type. The system has also made the Chinese display and printing independent of the internal code used, so that the user may force display from Simplified to Traditional and vice versa without changing the underlying code. And CJK Partner has enhanced single cursor word processing so that the cursor will no longer ”walk into” a character because of its double-byte and non-split nature.

TwinBridge releases Chinese Partner Version 4.98

TwinBridge released version 4.98 of Chinese Partner. The new version provides support to Microsoft Windows 98 and 95 as well as Unicode applications. For both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, version 4.98 provides eight outline fonts, 20 standard TrueType fonts and 20 Unicode TrueType fonts. In addition it offers eight new Unified Chinese fonts, which have both Simplified and Traditional Chinese character sets merged together. It supports Big Five Plus Chinese internal code standard and GBK. The new code converter allows conversion among GB, Big Five, GBK, Big Five Plus and Unicode standards in text (ASCII) format and in RTF (Rich Text Format). The Language Plus utility supports the input and output of 26 European languages in Microsoft Windows. Lastly, Chinese Partner V4.98 has added support of the Wubi input method which is popular in Mainland China.

TwinBridge releases Chinese-English two-way dictionary

Twinbridge has released its Chinese-English two-way dictionary, a comprehensive and intuitive bidirectional electronic dictionary. Multiple dictionaries, with definitions for both mainland China and Taiwan, are included. The dictionary is capable of running in any language version of Windows 3.1 or 95. It has a self-contained Chinese enabling system that displays Chinese on the screen and allows users to input Chinese text without a Chinese system. Other features include: the option to use multiple dictionaries concurrently, instant switching between English-to-Chinese mode and Chinese-to-English mode, dynamic and instant searches, fuzzy match, auto pasting of definitions to other applications such as MS Word 97 and the ability to create a user-defined dictionary.

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