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Digital Destinations releases business and education guide to Japan

Digital Destinations announced the release of Destination Japan, the only comprehensive electronic reference guide to Japan for the businessperson, traveler and serious student. Developed for MS Windows, this point-and-click interactive book contains all the information required to understand Japan and the Japanese, from the country's origins to its dynamic economy and culture. Destination Japan's extensive assortment of articles includes profiles of over 600 Japanese companies and dozens of industries; discussions of the financial, political and educational systems; overviews of the language, geography and history; and much more. Priced at $69. Destination Japan is available now from specialty bookstores and computer software dealers, or directly from Digital Destinations.

Past news for Digital Destinations

Screen savers teach Japanese characters subliminally

Digital Destinations released Subliminal Hiragana, Subliminal Katakana and Subliminal Kanji, a series of Windows screen savers that subliminally teach the characters of the Japanese writing system. Subliminal Hiragana and Subliminal Katakana sequentially display all the Hiragana and Katakana phonetic characters as well as their combinations and pronunciations. The Subliminal Kanji screen saver cycles through the basic Kanji (Chinese characters), their pronunciations and their meanings.

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