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International Communications Advertising & MarCom Division

Natick, MA-based International Communications Inc. has created an Advertising & MarCom Division that formalizes team structures already in place at ICI and specializes solely in the translation and production of display advertisements, marketing materials, packaging, datasheets, and brochures. Through this division, ICI provides a focused advertising and marketing communications service to all of its clients: software developers, advertising agencies and magazine publishers.

The Advertising & MarCom Division consists of translators, graphics specialists, project managers, marketing representatives and quality assurance specialists who are trained to provide the special attention needed for high-visibility, fast-paced projects.

”We know how critical it is to maintain consistency between a localized product and the marketing materials that go with it,” said Ellen Lutvak, ICI's Director of Marketing. ”By developing a defined Advertising and MarCom Division, we are further demonstrating our commitment to our client's success in the overseas market.”

Since advertising and marketing campaigns are often developed specifically for an American audience, these types of projects require a different kind of translation than software localization projects. The copy is transcreated, meaning Division translators perform additional research and editing to ensure the copy is truly suitable for the overseas market. In addition to transcreation, ICI's Advertising & MarCom Division is specially set up to produce the high-end, four-color layouts that are so vital to the success of an advertising or marketing campaign. The division also takes the same stringent quality assurance measures found in ICI's software localization projects.

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INT' and Lionbridge host Denver seminars

INT' and Lionbridge announced that they will be presenting three comprehensive seminars on ”Developing an Internationalized Product” in Denver on May 9-10, 2000. ”Internationalizing Software Applications” is a two-day course (May 9-10). ”Developing Documentation to Capture the World Market” will be held May 9, and ”Web Globalization Strategy” will be held May 10. Further details can be found at

International Communications becomes INT'

Fifteen-year industry veteran International Communications announced its name change to INT' The company recently completed several strategic transactions, including mergers with Direct Language Communications of San Francisco, California, and International Language Engineering of Boulder, Colorado, as well as the acquisition of the French localization agency, Motus. The name change to INT' officially brings all of the companies under one management structure.

”The name change to INT' solidifies our global Internet presence and addresses the undeniable importance of the Internet as a global resource,” said Steven Fingerhood, chairman of the board and chief strategic officer at INT' INT' attributes its success to its internally developed ForeignDesk Suite. Currently comprised of five interconnected components, the suite represents INT''s technology solution for a comprehensive globalization strategy.

International Communications to hold pre-forum workshops in Budapest

International Communications, in conjunction with LISA, will be sponsoring two seminars on ”Developing an Internationalized Technical Product” before the LISA Forum, which will be held in Budapest in December. The first seminar will cover ”Internationalizing Software Applications” (see; the second, ”Developing Documentation to Capture the World Market” (see These pre-forum workshops are open to the public and will be held December 7 and 8.

International Communications offers ”Developing an Internationalized Technical Product” workshops

International Communications will conduct its comprehensive Master Series workshops in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 28-29 and Richardson, Texas, on November 9-10. ”Internationalizing Software Applications,” is a two-day workshop for software programmers and architects, Web site developers and global product development managers. ”Developing Documentation to Capture the World Market” is a one-day workshop for technical writers, global product development managers and marcom/marketing managers. Further details can be obtained at

International Communications offers workshops on internationalizing

International Communications will conduct two comprehensive workshops called the Master Series on August 24 and 25 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. The Master Series was originally developed by International Language Engineering, which merged with International Communications in April.

The two-day software development workshop will cover character sets, code sets, HTML, database internationalization, Unicode and cultural and country issues among other topics. The documentation development track is a one-day, interactive workshop involving the planning, development, design and evaluation of document internationalization, as well as cultural considerations for document localization. Participants may register at

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