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Localization for CD-ROM computer games

JBI Localization adapts multimedia/CD-ROM computer games developed in the United States, in the English language, to versions for distribution in foreign markets. Created by international communications consultant Jacques Boulanger, JBI Localization operates fully digital recording studios in Reseda, near Hollywood, California.

”We see our role as one of supporting the expansion of the CD-ROM game industry into a ready and waiting overseas market,” Boulanger said. ”Domestically, the market is heading toward the $1 billion level, but overseas, most US titles are far from realizing their full market potential. The primary reason is that most of them are distributed in their original English language version. Most game development takes place in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but in fact, some of the world's most committed players live in countries like Germany, France and Japan.”

Localized versions of popular games sell out quickly, so JBI Localization advises its clients not to delay in localizing their new releases, but rather, to include foreign versions in their initial marketing plans, Boulanger said.

Past news for JBI Testing Labs

JBI Testing Labs launches new services

JBI Testing Labs, a division of JBI Localization, Inc., has extended its game and application testing services to developers creating products for the wireless device market. The increasing availability of high-speed wireless data makes it possible to run sophisticated programs and games on wireless devices such as cell phones, PDAs and Pocket PCs. JBI's certification testing protects customers from inferior products and applications.

JBI Localization, long a one-stop resource for foreign language versions of games and applications, in-house voice-over recording and graphics/multimedia integration, opened its testing labs in 2001, to provide functional on-line, linguistic and hardware testing of games and applications on consoles and PCs.

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