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Microsoft provides L10N and I18N information

The Globalization Team of Microsoft's Developer Relations Group offers software localization and internationalization information in the form of the Microsoft Win 32 Internationalization Seminars and the DRG Globalization Resource Kit CD-ROM. Persons interested in participating in these seminars or obtaining a Globalization Resource Kit CD-ROM should send an e-mail message to [email protected]

This e-mail address can also be used for discussing software internationalization design and strategy issues for Microsoft's recent and future technologies and for providing feedback and ideas. This address, however, is not for product support or technical support. Those interested in Microsoft software development and wish to obtain SDKs or localized versions of Windows should instead join the Microsoft Developer Network by calling 800-759-5474.

Past news for Microsoft Corporation

XLIFF 2.0 Object Model

Microsoft has published its XLIFF 2.0 Object Model on GitHub. The XLIFF 2.0 Object Model is a .NET library that can be used to build localization tools, platforms and systems based on the newest open localization standard - XLIFF 2.0.

Microsoft Translator Hub

Microsoft Corporation has launched the Microsoft Translator Hub, an extension of the Microsoft Translator platform and service. The hub's intent is to help smaller languages grow by providing a tool for local communities to build machine translation systems.

Lingsoft selected as Microsoft pilot developer partner

Microsoft Corporation has selected Lingsoft, Inc., as one of the developers for a new line of proofing tools technology. Microsoft has been developing a new technological approach to spell checking, hyphenation and thesauri. The technology will be integrated into future Microsoft Office family products.

ECM Interoperability Standard

EMC Corporation, International Business Machines (IBM) and Microsoft Corporation have announced a jointly developed specification that uses web services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable applications to interoperate with multiple enterprise content management (ECM) repositories by different vendors. The companies intend to submit the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification to OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) for advancement through its rigorous standards development process. The ultimate goal of CMIS is to reduce the information technology burden around multi-vendor, multi-repository ECM environments.

Microsoft seeks Arabic translation feedback

Microsoft Corporation has launched a new portal to involve Arabic speakers in the process of developing new technology terms for its products. The Localization Portal has been developed to encourage users of Microsoft's Arabic language products to comment on the translation of technology terms and to provide input into translation for future products. Although Windows Vista Arabic has a translated glossary of over 500,000 terms that have been built up over the years, the portal has only around 90 new terms so that users are not overloaded with terms. The portal is intended to provide an ongoing forum for Arabic translation, with new terms added at regular intervals. Suggestions and enquiries regarding Arabic language can be e-mailed to [email protected].

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