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Version of spelling-checker engine by WIntertree Software

Wintertree Software has just released the Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine version 3.4. The SSCE is a software component that application developers can use to add spelling checker capability to their products. It contains an application-program interface that allows other software to check word spellings, locate suggested word replacements and update user dictionaries. Redistributable American- and British-English dictionaries, each containing about 100,000 words, are included with the engine. French, Italian, German and Spanish dictionaries are also available.

A dictionary containing hundreds of common misspellings and their replacements is included so the SSCE can automatically or conditionally replace misspelled words with their correct spellings. In addition to the source code, Wintertree Software markets a Windows software development kit which allows Microsoft Windows developers to add a spelling checker to their applications. The Windows software development kit also includes the SSCE Dialogs dynamic link library, which allows application developers to add a complete spelling checker, including a user interface, by adding just one statement to their programs.

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Spelling-checker and thesaurus engines software development kit for Java

Wintertree Software has released the Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine and ThesDB Thesaurus Engine software development kits for Java. Both are written entirely in the Java language and contain no native code, so they can be used in applications developed and deployed on any Java-compatible computer platform. Sentry Java SDK includes American and UK English dictionaries, each containing 100,000 words. Dictionaries for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish, as well as medical terms, are also available. ThesDB Java SDK includes the American and UK English thesaurus databases, each containing about 50,000 synonyms for 20,000 key words. Developers can also create their own compressed dictionaries or thesaurus databases using Wintertree Software's compression technology. The Sentry and ThesDB software can be distributed with applications royalty free.

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