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Transparent Language releases RussianNow!

With RussianNow! the user learns the language by immersing in authentic Russian literature, such as short stories, classics, historical works and current events. As the user navigates through the text, the English meaning of every word, phrase and sentence is simultaneously presented on screen, along with grammatical comments.

Other features of RussianNow! are interactive learning games, on-line help, detailed grammar and alphabet help files, a Cyrillic keyboard map display to teach typing in Russian, a stress mark on/off option and a record-and-playback option for comparing the user's pronunciation with the recording of a native speaker. RussianNow! is available on DOS, Windows and Macintosh diskette with accompanying audiocassettes for $129 and on Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM for $199.

Past news for Transparent Language, Inc.

USSOCOM chooses Transparent Language software

Transparent Language, Inc., a provider of languagelearning solutions in over 100 languages, has been awarded a contract from the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for an enterprise license of Transparent's CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages Product. CL-150 is a suite of software applications and content designed to support language teaching and learning in a variety of settings, from classroom use to fully independent learning. Prior to this award, Transparent Language software was already being used for language training by a number of Special Operations units and by Special Forces students at the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Transparent Language harnesses the power of flash cards

Transparent Language, Inc., a developer of computer-based languagelearning software, has launched Before You Know It, a languagelearning program that uses electronic flash card technology to help users master essential vocabulary and vital phrases in Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Paper flash cards have long been used to quickly learn new words and phrases in another language. Before You Know It's electronic flash cards give users the power of flash cards without any of the drawbacks. Before You Know It, which runs on personal computers and handheld devices, presents themed sets of vocabulary as a series of flash cards using a proprietary presentation scheme that tracks users' progress and presents the words that need work more frequently.

Additionally, Before You Know It vocabulary lists include full native speaker pronunciation. Users can learn over 1,000 words and 250 common phrases by progressing through four stages of learning. Many lists include pictures or illustrations. Users can customize the learning experience for illustrated lists by choosing to see just the picture or the picture and the English translation for the words they are learning. Before You Know It also allows users to customize lists in the product by editing words, adding new words and adding their own comments.

Partnership with Transparent Language produces Mobile-Lingo

Mobile-Mind, developers of interactive wireless educational, lifestyle and entertainment applications, has announced the availability of five new mobile language applications for use with BREW- and J2ME-based wireless handsets. Users can download Spanish, French, German, Italian or English for Spanish speakers to their handsets to practice words and commonly used survival phrases any time, any place. Mobile-Mind's Mobile-Lingo language learning applications do not use additional airtime once downloaded, since the data is stored on the handset for fast and easy access. Mobile-Mind developed its Mobile-Lingo applications with content provided by Transparent Language, a provider of language learning technologies.

Mobile-Lingo language applications bring the ability to practice Spanish and other languages to the wireless handset, making learning easy, convenient and fun. Each language application features hundreds of popular vocabulary words, along with survival phrases, flashcards and quizzes to check progress.

SDL acquires TranscendRT and Enterprise Translation Server

SDL plc, a provider of globalization solutions, announced that it has agreed to acquire the Automated Real Time Translation Division from Transparent Language, Inc., for US$9 million. The assets being acquired by SDL include the intellectual property rights to Transparent's TranscendRT automatic translation technology and related products, including the Enterprise Translation Server, which provides instant language translation of e-mail, Web pages and documents.

The consideration will be satisfied with the payment of $1.5 million in cash and through the issue of $7.5 million in new ordinary shares in the capital of the company.

SDL believes that combining the Enterprise Translation Server's real time translation technology with SDLX and SDLWebFlow will enable the company to provide a complete solution for companies to manage multilingual Web site content. Transparent Language intends to focus on elearning solutions for languages as the core of its activities.

Transparent Language announces support for 23 language directions

Transparent Language, Inc., a developer of language technology for the corporate market, announced version 4.0 of the Enterprise Translation Server. The Enterprise Translation Server 4.0 now offers automated real-time translation in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian; it enables real-time cross-language communication and commerce in 23 language directions.

The Enterprise Translation Server 4.0 integrates into the products that comprise Microsoft Office 2000 and continues to build on previous integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Lotus Notes, Sametime and Domino applications. This full-service integration with leading desktop software provides instant language translation of e-mail, Web pages, documents and real-time instant messaging.

The Enterprise Translation Server 4.0 supports English to/from Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese; English to Norwegian, Italian and Korean; Russian to/from French and German; and Korean to/from Japanese.

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