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Trident Software offers Cyrillic/Latin word processor

Trident Software Inc. is marketing Language Master, a word processing program that permits text entry and editing in both Latin alphabet-based languages and Cyrillic alphabet-based languages, such as Russian, Ukrainian,and Belarussian.

Bilingual text entry is made possible by depressing a user-selectable hot-key, such as the shift key, in order to switch from one keyboard format to another. This allows the user to mix alphabets within the same document. Language Master comes with keyboard maps and permits user-defined keyboard layouts. The program also allows the conversion of files to and from other widely used Cyrillic coding systems and popular word processing formats. Both laser and dot-matrix printing are supported.

The highlight of Language Master is its Ukrainian-English-Russian spell-checking tool that offers user-expandable dictionaries and spell-checking of bilingual texts. Separate add-on specialized subject dictionaries and spell-checking modules in other languages will be available in the near future.

Language Master 2.3 for DOS is priced at $49.95. Language Master 2.0 for Windows, which also includes three TrueType fonts, font scaling, text importing and exporting through ASCII and RTF files and user-selectable printer and screen fonts, costs $99.95. Language Master forms the base for the Language Master multilingual sentence-by-sentence translation system, whose Ukrainian-English-Russian module is scheduled for release in mid-summer 1995.

Past news for Trident Software Inc.

Language Master translates English, Ukrainian and Russian

Trident Software has released Language Master, a multilingual translation system that works simultaneously with English, Ukrainian and Russian, providing translation modules and spell-checking for these three languages. The translator functions on both semantic and syntactic levels, useful for translating individual words and whole sentences. Language Master is expandable. Additional subject dictionaries for spell-checking and translation can be added. Additional alphabetical languages can also be added once spell-checking and translation dictionaries are developed for them. Language Master is available as a Microsoft Word add-on program, working transparently within Word, allowing the user to take advantage of Language Master's spell-checking and translation tools without having to leave the Word environment.

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