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Bersearch Russian support package

Bersearch Information Services has introduced two Russian support programs, UniSpell Russian Spell Check and Dialect Russian Sort Utility.

UniSpell provides Russian spell check support for Microsoft Word, QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker and other applications. It uses its main dictionary, which contains over 100,000 stems - about 3,000,000 words - and other opened user dictionaries. Users may also create dictionaries and hyphenation exception dictionaries.

Dialect provides Russian sorting support for Macintosh applications. It also provides Russian date, time and currency formatting, along with Russian versions of Chicago, Geneva and Monaco fonts.

UniSpell is available for $120 and Dialect for $75. However Bersearch offers a package containing the two new support programs along with RussianH Font for $220. RussianH, which costs $49, is a bilingual Russian/English font family that includes four separately forged ATM compatible Type-1 PostScript fonts that support plain, bold, oblique and bold-obliques. It has bitmapped fonts for each style in point sizes 9 through 24.

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