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Foreign language fonts distributed through CompuServe

Foreign language and script fonts from Linguist's Software are now available through a new service on CompuServe called Jerry's World Superstore. Jerry's World offers for sale 112 Linguare typefaces for almost every language in the world, in addition to fonts and graphics from other vendors. Jerry's World contain an initial collection of 325 English display typefaces, 2,000 clip-art images and other graphic arts images. Downloaded items are billed to the user's CompuServe account. Jerry's World Superstore is accessible with the command GO JERRYSWORLD. There is also a Jerry's World discussion forum, accessed by GO JWORLD, whose Library No. 5 contains 20 free display typefaces.

Past news for Linguist's Software, Inc.

LaserHindi Sanskrit in Unicode for Windows available

Linguist's Software, source of global language fonts, has released LaserHindi Sanskrit in Unicode. LaserHindi Sanskrit in Unicode for Windows or Macintosh provides two professional-quality Unicode-encoded fonts in TrueType OpenType format, in plain, bold, italic and bold-italic weights, for typing modern Hindi and classical Sanskrit. The HindiLSU and SanskritLSU fonts include the complete Devanagari section of the Unicode Standard, providing fonts that are fully compatible with other standard Hindi fonts.

LaserHindi Sanskrit in Unicode includes two keyboard layouts (phonetic and traditional) that provide four characters per key (instead of the normal two) for easy input of Hindi and Sanskrit. The keyboard layouts take advantage of the OpenType layout features built into the fonts for logical, intuitive input.

Linguist's Software offers LaserHebrew in Unicode

Linguist's Software has released LaserHebrew in Unicode for Macintosh and Windows ( at a special discount for a limited time. This new software allows users to type right-to-left, accented Hebrew with proper line wrap, full justification and automatic positioning of vowel points and accents/cantillation marks. The software allows fully pointed, right-to-left Hebrew text to be transferred back and forth between Windows and Macintosh computers, thus allowing collaboration between users with no conversion of files necessary.

LaserHebrew in Unicode provides two high-quality, Unicode-encoded Hebrew fonts in TrueType format for biblical and modern Hebrew and Yiddish. The first Hebrew font, NewJerusalemU, which closely matches the shapes and weights of the characters and accents in the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS), and NewJerusalemCU, which contains cantillation forms used in most Jewish publications. These Hebrew fonts also include the Latin 1 and Extended Latin character sets providing English and other western languages such as French and German, and they support the modern Hebrew code page 1255.

Also new from Linguist's Software: Semitic Transliterator in Unicode for Macintosh or Windows, LaserAmharic in Unicode for Macintosh or Windows, LaserGreek Converter for Macintosh or Windows, LaserGreek in Unicode for Macintosh or Windows, New Testament Manuscripts Font Collection for Macintosh or Windows, and Greek Epigraphy for Macintosh or Windows.

Linguist's Software adds Greek font

Linguist's Software, a source of foreign language fonts, has added a new Greek font to its LaserGreek in Unicode product. The HellenicaU Greek font is now available for both Windows and Macintosh versions of LaserGreek in Unicode. The TrueType font is optimized for classical Greek, but includes all standard accents, breathing marks, iota subscripts and diereses used in biblical and classical Greek. It has similarities in style to the SymbolGreekU font but has tilde-shaped circumflex accents (perispomeni).

Along with OdysseaU and OdysseaUBSU, the HellenicaU font has extra characters used in epigraphical and textual studies, and in Greek poetry. (These extra characters are not in the other font groups in this product series and were added with this update.)

Finally, all fonts in the product series have new, additional characters in them, including alternate capital letters with iota subscripts. Users who own Microsoft Word 2003 will be interested in the new keyboard layout that has been added to the product. This keyboard makes use of the OpenType layout features now built into the fonts.

Linguist's Software adds languages

Linguist's Software has added hieroglyphics and Akkadian to the languages supported by its fonts for Windows and Macintosh computers. Other recent releases include LaserANSEL (American National Standard for Extended Latin), LaserIberian (with Paleohispanic characters), LaserNavajo, LaserOsage and a ninth Cyrillic typestyle, Cyrillic II Slavonic. Linguist's Software products include both TrueType and Type 1 PostScript font formats.

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