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EUROLANG Optimizer new product range

EUROLANG Optimizer is a translation software package designed for multilingual users. EUROLANG Optimizer is fully integrated with Word 6 and is based on translation memory technology. The EUROLANG Optimizer range now includes three different products.

EUROLANG Optimizer Workstation 2.1 is a single platform tailored to the need of smaller organizations. It runs under Windows NT Workstation with Word 6. It combines all functionalities of the pre-translation server and the translation workstation on a single PC and is fully compatible with Optimizer client-server version.

Optimizer 2.1 was launched in June 1995. Performance and handling have been improved. In particular, new functionalities give greater control over database consistency and easy translation revision.

EUROLANG Optimizer for LOGOS is based on translation memory, allowing you to efficiently reuse your existing translations. Integrating Logos means maximum translation assistance. For all sentences without a perfect match, Optimizer for LOGOS proposes a machine translation, and possibly a fuzzy match, plus technical term assistance.

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