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Multimedia Qur'an

Separately, Sakhr and Digitek have introduced the Holy Qur'an Program, the first interactive multimedia CD-ROM of the Islamic holy book. It was developed by Alalamiah Software and introduced in the Middle East in February 1995. The Holy Qur'an Program contains the complete Arabic text of the Qur'an (Koran), English and Malay translation, concordances and glossaries, a search engine for the Arabic text, a recorded recitation of the Arabic text and the ability to record the user's own voice for comparison. The Holy Qur'an Program for Alalamiah is available from Digitek for $100.

Past news for Digitek International Inc.

ArabSite keeps English Web sites current in Arabic

To get news, views and public policy to the Middle Eastern public, publishers have to reach Arabic readers, directly in Arabic. With this in mind, Digitek, the US distributor of Sakhr Software, announced availability of ArabSite, a Web site Arabization solution from Sakhr Software. The software cuts costs and manages the complete cycle of localizing any English Web site without physically creating an Arabic site. ArabSite provides constant dynamic updating through a combination of English-to-Arabic automatic translation and skilled professional translators.

Achraf Chalaby, Sakhr's director of research, notes ”ArabSite generates on the fly an Arabic Web site for an already existing English site. The English site owner updates his English site and immediately ArabSite senses the changes and updates the translation [database] automatically. No client intervention is required, and the text sentences or object images are transparently localized. Texts are automatically translated, while human translators guarantee 100% accuracy.”

Sakhr makes CAT more accessible

Digitek International, Inc., distributors of Sakhr Arabic translation solutions, announced major price cuts to Sakhr's Computer-Aided Translator (CAT) suite. In addition, a new initiative packaging the core CAT workbench with the software localizer and the document aligner gives translation bureaus and freelancers a complete suite of tools at affordable prices.

Sakhr's CAT suite uses artificial intelligence and fuzzy reasoning to assist translators in building an exportable translation database. Sakhr's translation database conforms to TMX standards and are reversible, mergeable, exportable and flexible.

Sakhr's new version also incorporates its automatic translation engine. Post-editing can help build accuracy of translation databases.

Sakhr develops Automatic Indexer

Sakhr Software Co. announced its development of the Automatic Indexer, which is designed to produce indexes of documents and books in both Arabic and English. The Automatic Indexer provides indexing by extracting the key words and phrases in the content. Indexing results give relevant page numbers and can be arranged alphabetically, according to the stem of the words or by frequency of use.

The program depends on statistical analysis and five other basic techniques. These five techniques include morphological analysis of Arabic words, determining the stem of English words. There are also databases for the common words and phrases in both Arabic and English, as well as idioms and collocations, a database for celebrities and famous places and a database for verses from the Qur'an.

Sakhr assists Libyan IT Center and Saudi Arabia

Sakhr Software Co. announced that it has signed a contract with the Libyan IT Center. Sakhr will supply the Libyan center with programs and services to help in publishing the National Libyan Encyclopedia on CD as well as on the Internet. Sakhr will supply the center with needed software such as Arabic OCR for transferring written text to electronic text, Nasher Net for managing and creating bilingual Web sites, Electronic Publisher for publishing on CDs and IDRISI for advanced bilingual search in the encyclopedia content. Sakhr will also provide user training and protection for data with the Laser Lock technology.

Sakhr also announced that it has developed a comprehensive integrated Web site for the Saudi ministry of foreign affairs. Available in English and Arabic, the site profiles the Saudi ministry and its history, services and divisions.

Sakhr offers free Webhosting

In keeping with their mission to assure Arabic a place on the Web, Sakhr Software and Digitek International are offering free Webhosting for new Arabic language or bilingual Web sites. Over 200 new Web sites have been registered with Sakhr in the first ten days. Anyone interested in putting an Arabic or bilingual Web site on the Internet can do so by registering at (English interface) or (Arabic interface).

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