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MacSUNRISE Script upgraded

Stone Bridge Press has introduced release 2.0 of MacSUNRISE Script, a HyperCard program for learning and looking up written Japanese characters, or kanji. Using MacSUNRISE Script, the user can access English meanings, readings, animated stroke orders, spoken pronunciations, and character combinations for each kanji character. The Japanese phonetic syllabaries, hiragana and katakana, are also included. The program also comes with testing, randomization and automatic browse functions that make it suitable for both home and classroom learning, testing, and review. Other standard features include on-screen help, a browse timer, and a flashcard printer.

A new feature in MacSUNRISE Script 2.0 allows the user to group individual kanji within the program as ”election sets.” Using sets, teachers can immediately integrate MacSUNRISE Script into whatever lesson plan or textbook they are using in class. Students can use sets to isolate troublesome kanji for special review. Character look-up functions have also been enhanced in version 2.0 with a grapheme search screen.

MacSUNRISE Script comes in three versions: MacSUNRISE Script 100 (100 kanji) for $99, MacSUNRISE Script 500 for $349, and MacSUNRISE Script 2000 for $499.

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