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Russian spell-checker available as add-on to Microsoft Word

Circle Noetic Services has released PassWORD, an add-on spelling checker for Microsoft Word for the Macintosh. Once installed, passWORD is simply called up by selecting ”Russian Spell...” from the Tools menu.

The user can also create a number of Customized Exception Dictionaries to handle any words that do not appear in Circle Noetics' 2.3-million word Russian Dictionary. PassWORD also features a Temporary Exception Dictionary. This allows users to spell-check their text and add document-specific exception words to a temporary dictionary, while not adding the words to a Customized Exception Dictionary. Upon quitting Word, this temporary dictionary is deleted.

One exclusive feature of PassWORD is its ability to spell-check bilingual (Russian and English) documents with automatic switching between the two languages. PassWORD Russian/English Spelling Checker is available for $249.95.

Past news for Circle Noetic Services

Circle Noetic improves Dashes

Circle Noetic Services, Inc., a developer of natural language processing software, announced further improvements to its Dashes hyphenation software. The new version increases hyphenation accuracy to better than 99.9% against word lists of 92,000 to 2 million words across 32 languages.

The key improvement to Dashes 6.3 is higher accuracy with enhancements to Germanic compounding. In the new version, more compound words in Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish are correctly identified and split. Additional improvements were also made to English and Italian.

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