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Language Technology CD from World Ready Software

World Ready Software announces the release of its premiere edition of the Language Technology CD. The CD provides information for evaluating and purchasing language technology software and enables users to make informed decisions. The Language Technology CD also provides a globally accessible distribution channel for vendors of language technology products.

World Ready Software plans to distribute 20,000 copies of the language technology CD through its worldwide network with every quarterly release. Among those on the CD will be IBM, for Translation Manager and Search Manager; Oracle Corporation, for Oracle CoAuthor; and Intergraph, for Transcend.

The Language Technology CD for Windows is planned to ship May 1995. Membership in the World Ready Club, which includes four CDs (one per quarter), is available for charter members at the special rate of US$95 / DM 139 (regularly US$195 / DM 285). The premiere edition is free.

Past news for World Ready Software

World Ready Software to launch language technology CD-ROM

World Ready Software, distributor of language technology software for multilingual communications, is developing and marketing the first ever CD-ROM containing language technology software. The Language Technology CD will allow instant access to previously hard-to-find software products for multilingual word processing, machine translation, machine-assisted translation, and tools for localization and internationalization of software. Users can try out demonstration versions of any title on the CD and then receive the key to unlock the encrypted software upon telephone purchase, to begin using the actual product immediately. The complete retail package with support documentation will follow by mail.

World Ready software has teamed up with R. R. Donnelley & Sons, which will manufacture the CD, localize the user interface, provide fulfillment services in the US and Europe and provide the CD to its worldwide customer base. Test Drive Corp., a company majority-owned by R. R. Donnelley, is supplying its Super Store user interface and encryption technology. World Ready Software is recruiting the software vendors whose products will be distributed on the disk.

In addition to multimedia demonstrations of each product, the CD will also contain tutorials that teach potential customers how to evaluate and use language technology. The CD will be accompanied by data sheets and product specifications. The premier edition of the Language Technology CD, which runs under Windows 3.1, will be available in February, 1995 and will be free of charge. The CD is scheduled for quarterly updates at a subscription rate of $195 per year.

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