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VB Language Manager assists localization of Visual Basic applications

WhippleWare, developer of the award-winning Visual Basic optimization utility VB Compress, has introduced VB Language Manager. VB Language Manager simplifies the process of localizing any Visual Basic application, old or new, from start to finish.

With VB Language Manager, a single copy of source code is maintained while compilation can be done in as many languages as desired. First, VB Language Manager examines a Visual Basic project, finds the strings in both form definitions and code, and copies them into a VB Language Manager project file. Next, the Language Table editor is used to create language tables and enter translations. Finally, VB Language Manager builds a localized version of the project using the chosen language table and instructs Visual Basic to compile it. If the translator does not have VB Language Manager, he or she can use VB Language Manager worksheets instead of files.

The Professional Edition of VB Language Manager has the additional features of being able to interface automatically with some third party translation programs, check the width of language tables to detect problems caused by variations in string width across languages and fonts, and build multi-lingual versions of Visual Basic applications that query the user and start up and run in their choice of language. VB Language Manager is available for $100, and the Professional Edition of VB Language Manager is $150. A demo version of VB Language Manager is available for downloading from Section 14 (Localization) of CompuServe's VBPJFORUM.

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