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Alis introduces localization tool, Uniform

Alis Technologies Inc. has introduced a new localization tool called Uniform. First demonstrated at the February 1995 IT Forum in Paris, France, Uniform allows users to run host applications in any language without changing the application source code.

Uniform runs on a Windows-based PC and intercepts the menus, messages and forms sent by the host applications. By working externally to the application, Uniform controls the transformation of the host messages from one language to another at the screen level, without touching the source code of the application. Uniform works in two steps: Inform and Reform. Inform allows users to highlight the messages and translate them into any language or combination of languages. The localized form is saved into a Uniform database. Reform localizes the application in real time whenever it is run. Reform recognizes the forms and messages sent from the host and, before they appear on the screen, replaces them with those from the database of localized screens held in cache memory.

Uniform permits devolving localization to the countries where the software is targeted, eliminating the delay of time between releasing a product upgrade and its localized versions. Use of Uniform is also practical for localizing into less common languages whose markets have lower commercial potential.

Past news for Alis Technologies, Inc.

Nstein Technologies acquires Alis Technologies

Nstein Technologies, Inc., a software development company, has completed the acquisition of Alis Technologies. The acquisition allows Nstein to establish an international hub for multilingual unstructured information management and provides Nstein with access to a sales force already working with major customers. Nstein offers business intelligence solutions that create a new level of global knowledge, accessible at any time and particularly suited to e-publishing, finance, legal, government and homeland security markets.

Alis provides translation for GE Capital unit

Alis Technologies, Inc., a provider of Multilingual Information Management (MIM) solutions and services, has secured the contract to implement language translation solutions at GE Capital Global Consumer Finance (GCF). GCF has chosen to facilitate communications by providing automated translation capabilities via its intranet and internal chat system. Alis' solutions will create a ”virtual multilingual enterprise,” allowing GE personnel to communicate and share information more quickly and cost-effectively.

”We made our intranet content available in eight languages in about a week, a project that would be logistically impossible to accomplish without automated translation capabilities,” said Leonard Kim, chief information officer for GCF. ”Now GCF personnel can also organize multilingual chat meetings using the same automated translation capabilities.”

¿Qué? automates language and character encoding identification

Alis Technologies has released version 3.0 of ¿Qué? its language and character encoding identification system for international and multilingual applications and software. ¿Qué? adds value to multilingual software applications for CRM, KM, spell check, voice synthesis, database or automated translation systems. Version 3.0 identifies 29 languages and 101 pairs of language/character sets, supports multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac, AIX, HP-UX, and so on) and comes with easy-to-integrate functions.

¿Qué? is part of Alis' Multilingual Information Management Solutions. Other software products and services include internationalization and localization of software applications and Web sites; its automated translation software Gist-in-Time Solution; internationalization tools such as language identification, character set encoding, internationalization library; professional translation, technical writing and terminology; and an on-line translation request management platform.

Gist-In-Time offers new pivot languages

Alis Technologies Inc., a provider of language management solutions, announced the addition of French and German pivot languages to their Gist-In-Time language comprehension solution, which performs automated translations or gists of electronic documents. Users of Gist-In-Time will now benefit from more French and German language pairs. With the introduction of French and German as pivot languages, users are no longer restricted to English as the sole pivot language when using Gist-In-Time.

The new language pairs are available due to a new partnership between Alis and Softissimo, a provider of translation software. Alis also expects the integration of Softissimo's translation software to help improve the level of comprehension of the French/English language pairs already available.

Netscape 6's AutoTranslate function, which uses Gist-In-Time, will feature the new language pairs French <-> German and French <-> Russian.

Alis and Versacom create joint venture

Alis Technologies Inc., a provider of language management solutions, and Versacom Inc., a provider of translation and multilingual communications services, announced the creation of a joint venture that will enable the two companies to offer their respective customers complementary services.

Under this agreement, Alis-Versacom will offer customers language management solutions, including internationalization and localization of software and Web sites (translation and adaptation), integrated management solutions for translation and corporate communications, technical writing, comprehension solutions and language management consulting services.

The Alis-Versacom joint venture will consolidate over 160 employees (linguists, translators, managers, developers, programmers, writers, and so on), 400 contract-based translation and writing professionals as well as thousands of professional freelancers.

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