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Straker acquires Elanex

Straker Translations, a cloud-enabled translation services provider, has acquired Elanex, a San Francisco-based company specializing in technology, retail, energy, financial translations and over-the-phone interpretation services.

Past news for Straker Translations and Elanex, Inc.

Straker acquires Eurotext Translations

Straker Translations, a cloud-enabled translation services provider, has acquired Dublin-based Eurotext Translations. Straker has sales offices in nine countries and production centers in Spain and New Zealand.

ShadoCMS and Argo Translation partner

Argo Translation, Inc., a website translation company, in partnership with Straker Interactive, developers of the multilingual ShadoCMS product, have announced a new connector that links the ShadoCMS system into Argo’s translation supply chain management system. Websites with this connector will automatically notify Argo about new content requiring translation and also provide the client with an automatically generated cost estimate.

ShadoCMS v8.5 -- Member Manager Module

The interface between the Across Language Server and the ShadoCMS v8.5 web content management system from Straker Interactive has been made available for general delivery with native integration, providing an automated process from web content creation to translation management, publishing and handling of multilingual content.

Straker has also released the Member Manager Module as the first in a series of module enhancements and new functionality additions available to all clients and new ShadoCMS customers using v8.5.


Elanex, Inc., a language service provider, has launched VeriFast, a translation service using a combination of machine translation technology and professional native-language translators.

White paper on translator identity theft and scams

Elanex, Inc., a language service provider, has released a white paper titled "Translator Identity Theft and Scams." The white paper shares tips on identifying common scams, recognizing scammers, prevention and management techniques that the company has developed through working with independent individual translation professionals.

Elanex celebrates 10th anniversary

Elanex, Inc., a language service provider, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The company created a technology platform to connect specialist translators and subject matter expert editors with a global production team.

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