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Memsource artificial intelligence technology feature

Memsource, a developer of cloud translation software, has introduced an artificial intelligence-powered nontranslatables feature intended to recognize and automatically confirm nontranslatable segments and content in over 200 language pairs.

Past news for Memsource

Memsource Editor for Mobile

Memsource, developers of an AI-powered translation management system, has released a new version of its mobile app that includes the launch of Memsource Editor for Mobile, the first computer-assisted translation tool available in a mobile app.

RWS Moravia partners with Memsource

RWS Moravia, a global leader in language services, has formed a strategic partnership with Memsource, a developer of cloud translation software, to capitalize on Memsource’s patented artificial intelligence features, including a machine translation quality estimation feature.

Memsource establishes US office

Memsource, a developer of cloud translation software, has opened an office in the United States. The subsidiary is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. Bill Lafferty will be head of US sales.

Machine Translation Quality Estimation

Memsource, a developer of cloud translation software, has released its second feature powered by artificial intelligence, Machine Translation Quality Estimation. The feature can be used with over 70 language pairs and is available for the more than 25 machine translation engines supported in Memsource and in all Memsource editions.

Memsource integrates Microsoft Custom Translator

Memsource, a developer of cloud translation software, has added to its list of supported translation engines. Custom Translator is a feature of the Microsoft Translator services that allows enterprises, app developers and language service providers to build neural translation systems that understand the terminology used in their own business and industry.

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