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Scots literary works and translation projects receive grants

Recent interest in the language has sparked efforts to publish literature in the language and use it in education, with the recent grants serving to enrich the language’s literary tradition.

Top-10 details to include in the ideal transcreation brief

As businesses become more globally aware, the world of transcreation continues to blossom. To successfully reach an audience abroad, a message often needs more than just translation, it needs to be geo-adapted to the target audience while maintaining its original intent, style, tone, and context.

Oregon’s healthcare interpreter law goes into effect next week

Beginning next week, non-English-speaking residents of Oregon will benefit from expanded language access measures in the state’s healthcare system. House Bill 2359 (HB 2359) addresses...

ZOO Academy opens enrollment to its Adapting Dialogue for Dubbing professional...

ZOO Academy, the not-for-profit media localization training initiative from ZOO Digital, has today opened enrolment to its professional development course for dubbing script adapters.

Mapping cross-linguistic similarities with Lexibank

Inspired by databases that store genetic information, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has developed Lexibank — a database that aims to help shed light on the world’s linguistic diversity and language evolution.

ABRATES Welcomes New Board of Directors

On May 20, the Brazilian Association of Translators  and Interpreters (ABRATES) revealed the names of the newly elected Board of Directors. And in  an unprecedented move, the outgoing and the incoming boards will work together  through July 31, and on August 1, the Elected Board will take office. 

$7 million in grants allocated to Native American languages

Earlier this week, 45 Native American tribes and tribal organizations received $7 million in funding for Indigenous language preservation efforts.

DALL·E 2 AI program baffles scientists by inventing new language

Two researchers at the University of Texas Austin working on the DALL·E 2 program have come to a stunning conclusion: the artificial intelligence (AI) program is now inventing its own language. 

Rhode Island Superior Court rules to enhance education for English learners

Since 2016, advocacy groups in Rhode Island have been calling on the state’s Department of Education to provide English learners with a more specialized educational framework in accordance with the regulations of the state.

Mistranslated advertising hinders campaign for San Francisco’s Proposition A

Though Proposition A was backed by several powerful local politicians like Mayor London Breed, numerous mistranslations in the Spanish-language campaigning might have hurt its ability to resonate with Spanish-speaking voters.