Plunet BusinessManager 6.0

Tobias Scherf
MultiLingual September 2014
Product Reviews

Plunet BusinessManager is a web-based tool that runs on a Tomcat web server with MySQL database, though it has also been implemented with MS-SQL. The tool is laid out in a very logical way, analogous to the natural flow of a project. The next tab over on most every screen is the natural next step in a project’s workflow, which allows users to feel at home very quickly. The Home screen features a customizable dashboard that helps to keep project managers organized and on task. Most everything is immediately apparent from the dashboard and the details are a mere one-to-two clicks away. Via the main menu bar, the tool gives access to contacts, requests, quotes, orders and invoices, which are the primary functions used by project managers....

Plunet BusinessManager does not merely provide excellent and robust project management capabilities for translation and interpretation projects, it also helps operations and business management gain a better overview of the entire business. Operations managers can keep an eye on company-wide operations by monitoring their comprehensive dashboard for everything from project requests, quotes and pending orders as well as job status information for the entire operation. Business management or executives can view all operations and financial aspects, including a detailed view into accounts payables and accounts receivables, as well as company-wide cash flow, quote-to-order conversions, sales forecasts, year-to-year sales comparisons by customer and a selective inventory control by customer.

Data exchange of accounts receivables and accounts payables is enabled via data export to Intuit QuickBooks. A dynamic integration with QuickBooks is also available to streamline data exchange and avoid unnecessary data entries and duplication in two systems. This provides operations with the necessary level of financial information to conduct ongoing business without the need to frequently ask accounting for financial reports....