Jost Zetzsche
MultiLingual April/May 2015
Product Reviews

If you didn’t know any better, a cursory examination of the translation technology landscape, particularly in regard to translation environment tools (CAT tools), might easily convey the impression that there’s already plenty to choose from. You might even think that the market is flooded with tools.

After a second, closer look, however, it would become apparent that there is always room for new solutions.

Why? Well, compared to ten or 15 years ago, the market is a lot less homogenous....

ABBYY, by the way, is Proto-Tibeto-Burman and means “keen eye.” ABBYY SmartCAT was officially launched a few months ago, though before that it had been in use for some time by ABBYY Language Services, ABBYY’s language service arm, in particular for the ongoing massive volunteer crowdsourcing project of Coursera MOOCs into Russian. As a result of this and other projects, approximately 5,000 active users are presently using the tool.

What is SmartCAT? It’s a completely cloud-based translation environment tool with a wholly browser-based interface. Files are uploaded to a server where they are processed and presented to the translator in the typical tabular translation interface (source on the left, target on the right). ABBYY uses Microsoft Azure servers in Ireland and the United States and its own servers in Moscow; it’s also possible to install SmartCAT on your own servers....