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Plunet memoQManager | Madeleine Lenker
MultiLingual December 2010

In his review of the Plunet BusinessManager in the April/May 2010 issue of MultiLingual, Richard Sikes mentioned the possibilities that exist for several CAT tool integrations such as SDL Trados TM Server, Across Language Server and MultiTrans from MultiCorpora. One of the most recent integration additions is ...

Fluency | Jost Zetzsche
MultiLingual October/November 2010

Fluency is most aptly named. I've been watching the development of translation environment tools, often called somewhat more narrowly computer-aided translation tools, for a number of years now, and I think it's not an exaggeration to say that this very young tool is developing at a faster pace than any other tool I've looked at in the past. Only a few weeks ago I wrote about Fluency elsewhere, and already much of what I wrote is obsolete — partly because ...

memoQ 4 | Angelika Zerfaß
MultiLingual June 2010

From the very beginning, memoQ has been a tool envisioned by translator-developers for translators, with a side order of server functionality. As the developers of memoQ themselves translate and therefore know what translators need in their daily work ...

Plunet BusinessManager | Richard Sikes
MultiLingual April/May 2010

When we think of software solutions that have been designed for language service providers (LSPs), we tend to think first about translation memory (TM), and there can be no dispute that TM creation, persistence and usage are central to cost-effective translation ...

Déjà Vu X | Ignacio Garcia & Vivian Stevenson
MultiLingual January/February 2010

Over the past few years we have been witnessing the rapid evolution of translation productivity tools — the term translation memory (TM) being now somewhat insufficient to describe where the technology is heading. There is a move ...

Across Language Server v5 | Richard Sikes
MultiLingual October/November 2009

There is no doubt that Across has put a lot of brainpower into architecting its flagship Language Server product line, and, concurrent with the newly released v5, the company employed "Enterprise Language Intelligence" as their launch headline ...

SDL Trados Studio 2009 | Richard Sikes & Angelika Zerfaß
MultiLingual September 2009

To provide the most comprehensive coverage of SDL Trados Studio 2009, this review has been coauthored by Richard Sikes and Angelika Zerfaß. Angelika is well known in the translation industry as an SDL Trados guru, trainer ...

Google Translator Toolkit | Ignacio Garcia & Vivian Stevenson
MultiLingual September 2009

Noel Coward was reputed to have said that "work is more fun than fun" — understandable if, like Noel, you can get paid for pursuing your passion. However, the thing about passions is that people mostly don't get paid for them ...

SDL Passolo 2009 | Richard Sikes
MultiLingual June 2009

An old adage holds that beauty is only skin deep, but SDL Passolo 2009 proves to be the exception to that wisdom. While there has never been any doubt that Passolo is, and has always been, a localization tool of enormous agility ...

ToolBook Translation System | Myriam Siftar
MultiLingual October/November 2008

ToolBook is a widely used elearning authoring tool made by SumTotal Systems. In fact, ToolBook won the 2007 Platinum Award from the eLearning Guild as the software learning system most used by large corporations ...

Wordfast 5.5 Classic and a first glance at Wordfast 6.0 | Thomas Waßmer
MultiLingual October/November 2008

When Yves Champollion developed Wordfast in 1999, only a few translation memory (TM) software products were available, most of them at prices out of reach for freelance translators with a tight budget. Therefore, Wordfast's first objective was ...

LEC Power Translator 12 | Ilse Depraetere
MultiLingual September 2008

The machine translation (MT) tool LEC Power Translator (PT) 12 is available in three multilingual versions: Premium, World and Euro. LEC PT 12 Premium translates from and into French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese ...

Lingvo 12 Multilingual Edition | Galina Raff
MultiLingual June 2008

The Lingvo electronic dictionary, well-known in Russian-speaking countries, was likely the best-selling electronic dictionary in the former Soviet Union. Lingvo 1.0 was published back in 1990 and ran under DOS. As the hardware and operating systems evolved ... | Ignacio Garcia & Vivian Stevenson
MultiLingual April/May 2008

Jost Zetzsche's new site puts a uniform comparison format to translation environment tool (TEnT) vendors so that you can see before you buy. Freelancers can now dabble before they take the plunge, while developers ...

Adobe Technical Communication Suite | John Hedtke
MultiLingual March 2008

Adobe Technical Communication Suite is the first packaged release of four great products — FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate and Adobe Acrobat. Its release is a boon for technical communicators. If you've needed Word 2007 support ...

SDL Passolo 2007 | Angelika Zerfaß
MultiLingual January/February 2008

SDL Passolo 2007, developed by PASS Engineering, Germany, is a tool specialized on localizing software-related file formats. It supports formats such as executable programs, resource files and XML-based files and can handle translation ...

TriplePlayPlus! Spanish | Nancy King
MultiLingual December 1996

A product the whole family will find both educational and fun

WebBudget 2.0 | Susana Turbitt
MultiLingual August/September 1999

Find and count the translatable words in your Web site project

Reading Japanese, Version 1.1 | Robert Lucente
MultiLingual October 1997

RJ automates the identification of kanji

Trans Web Express 1.0 | Ultan Ó Broin
MultiLingual December 1997

Analysis, editing and quality assurance suite for Web site localization

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