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Travel Talk Spanish 1.0 | Richard Tuttle
MultiLingual December 1997

A conversational confidence builder employing speech recognition

TransLinGo! 1.0 | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual August 1998

Japanese to English Web page translation

SILC Version 2.2 | Florence Reeder
MultiLingual February 1998

Identifying your source language and character encoding is automatic with this tool

KanjiScan, Version 1.0 | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual October 1997

A powerful and flexible Japanese OCR

Tsunami MT 6.0 | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual December 1997

NeocorTech adds more Japanese text editing, learning features to their translation software

Typhoon MT 6.0 | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual October 1998

Harnessing Japanese-to-English translation power

J-Text Pro 1.1 | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual December 1998

A small, fast, easy-to-use Japanese text editor

Accent WordPoint | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual April 1998

Allows you to translate whatever you see on the screen, one word at a time

Accent Duo With Translation 2.0a (French/English) | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual December 1996

Accent Duo With Translation combines a multilingual word processor with an interactive translation tool

Harness the Power and Learn to Speak Spanish or Japanese. | Nancy King
MultiLingual November 1995

Bay Ware’s Power Spanish and Power Japanese offer novice language students an excellent learning resource

Database Search Engines for Web Development | Susana Turbitt
MultiLingual August 1997

A review of two data retrieval tools for Web developers

Translation Aide | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual June 1998

A translation tool for quick first drafts and to get the gist of a document

MULTILIZER Visual Basic Edition 4.1, Language Manager 4.0 | Andrei Link
MultiLingual August/September 1999

Developing international software with MULTILIZER

Language Teacher Professional ER486T | Aric Spence
MultiLingual December 1998

A talking dictionary and bilingual business organizer

RC-WinTrans 6.01 | Language Technology Research Center
MultiLingual April/May 2002

Tool for localizing Windows applications is user friendly and well thought out

Transparent Language 3.0 | Jonathon Edlow
MultiLingual September 1995

Toss the dictionary, pass the mouse for the Transparent Language Now! series

LanguageNow! Version 5.0 | Jonathon Edlow
MultiLingual June 1997

Seven different language versions provide help with real-life reading

TRADOS 6.5 | Thomas Waßmer
MultiLingual January/February 2004

New version is more than a minor update

Globalization Image Assistant (GIA) | Ghassan Haddad
MultiLingual October/November 2003

A new approach to graphics localization

Reverso Pro 5, Reverso Expert | Jeff Allen
MultiLingual September 2002

Products offer useful new features that require time to learn

Total results: 122  Total pages: 7  This page: 3