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Translate | Dena Bugel-Shunra
MultiLingual December 2001

Software suite has potential for translating on the fly

PASSOLO 1.0 | Jim Donnelly
MultiLingual August/September 1999

An effective checker for Windows resources

Global Writer 98 Professional | Tsuguya Sasaki
MultiLingual October 1998

A limited text editor that supports an impressive array of languages

Wordfast | Andrei Gerasimov
MultiLingual January/February 2002

Windows version: Translation tool is user friendly

Wordfast | François Miller
MultiLingual January/February 2002

A compact translation macro that runs on Macintosh

WinMASS 2000 Pro, CJK | Mandy Pet
MultiLingual August/September 1999

One of the best products for processing Asian languages

WinMASS Pro 3.0 | Scott Nesbitt
MultiLingual October 1998

An excellent Asian viewer, but it falls short as an input method editor

PDF Converter | Dena Bugel-Shunra
MultiLingual January/February 2004

PDF-Word conversion improves but can still be made better

IRISPen Translator English To/From German | Becky Bennett
MultiLingual October 1997

A lot of power is packed in this highlighter sized OCR pen

T-Remote Memory | Dena Bugel-Shunra
MultiLingual September 2002

A new framework for sharing translation memory streamlines projects, improves control

AuthorIT | Thomas Waßmer
MultiLingual January/February 2004

Collaborative authoring solution adds localization management

IntelliScope Language Recognizer 2.0 | Florence Reeder
MultiLingual June 1998

A tool for automatic language and encoding identification

SDL Trados 2007 | Thomas Waßmer
MultiLingual December 2007

SDL Trados consists of the formerly independent and now bundled translation memory (TM) products SDLX and Trados, meaning customers receive two products that were previously sold separately. SDLX features a modular architecture ...

Integrating PASSOLO into SDL | Thomas Waßmer
MultiLingual October/November 2007

On June 19, 2007, SDL announced the acquisition of PASS Engineering, the developers of the software localization tool Passolo. This announcement came almost exactly two years after the acquisition of TRADOS by SDL on June 21, 2005 ...

CATALYST 7.0 | Thomas Waßmer
MultiLingual October/November 2007

Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 is a translation and localization tool designed for localization professionals who translate software, websites and online help. It differs from other tools by offering a highly visual approach ...

Logoport | Ignacio Garcia & Vivian Stevenson
MultiLingual September 2007

As any translation professional who has been on the scene awhile now would know, the translation industry has been undergoing a revolution since the early 1990s. Digital content, the internet, localization, internationalization — we have ...

SDL TRADOS Certification | Ignacio Garcia & Vivian Stevenson
MultiLingual March 2007

Almost a year ago now - in May 2006 - SDL came up with an ambitious plan of putting together an "SDL TRADOS Certification" package. Following on the footsteps of Microsoft and other big ones, SDL aimed at crossing training over from the cost to revenue side of the ledger ...

A comparison of translation QA products | Andrei Gerasimov
MultiLingual January/February 2007

Translation quality assurance software (TQA tools) compares source and target segments of bilingual texts (saved in .doc, .rtf and .ttx files) in order to detect translation errors. Such errors include inconsistencies; terms that have ...

Lingotek | Ignacio Garcia & Vivian Stevenson
MultiLingual December 2006

When Rory Cowan from Lionbridge tells us that Logoport works, we believe him because we know that he has the people and the resources to make it work. When Tim Hunt tells us that Lingotek is not only as web-enabled as Logoport, but also ...

PASSOLO 6 | Angelika Zerfaß
MultiLingual July/August 2006

PASSOLO, the PASS Software Localizer by PASS Engineering, Germany, offers support for a wide range of software file formats such as executables, resource files and XML-based files such as XLIFF. Through optional add-ins, PASSOLO can further deal with ...

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