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Airbnb breaks down Translation Engine progress

First applied to the platform's messaging feature, Translation Engine will eventually be used for all user-generated content, according to Airbnb officials. We caught up with the Airbnb team to learn just how work has progressed and what comes next.  

Airbnb Translation Engine launches Reviews after expanding to Messages this summer

Today, Airbnb expands Translation Engine to include reviews after successfully launching it across our messaging feature this summer.

Translated announces merger with ModernMT

Translated, a Rome, Italy-based language service provider (LSP), announced May 19 that it has finalized plans to merge with the machine translation (MT) provider ModernMT.

Where to do Business Online — from now to 2025

The revamped T-Index platform offers a tool that reveals the languages and countries with the greatest potential across 200 different product categories. Is English losing...

Airbnb awards largest contract in language industry

Airbnb announced this morning a suite of new and expanded services, among them a new translation engine to improve guests’ and hosts’ user experience. The...

Airbnb Expands Safety Support for 11 Languages

Airbnb announced recently that the company is expanding its safety support line to offer assistance to users in 11 new languages. The travel company launched...

The Localizer's Best Friend: t()

I'm always on the lookout for software development solutions that are smart, disruptive, novel, and that challenge assumptions to solve a business problem. I...

How DO Startups "DO" Localization?

I asked the audience after my coffee, context and crapplications talk to the International Multilingual User Group  (IMUG) in San Jose, California recently, if anyone...