Book review

A New Role for LSPs in the Field of Social Justice

Language barriers can hinder effective communication, limit access to essential services, and impede cultural exchange. What remains unclear is the extent to which such barriers can impact the lives of millions of people in ways that can be described as oppressive and discriminatory. Also not fully explored is the role that the language services industry has in creating a more inclusive culture where such impact can be reduced.

Take Your Company Global

I first crossed paths with Nataly Kelly when she was just making a name for herself with her debut book Telephone Interpreting. At the time, I was working at a market research firm exploring the interpretation services industry in the US. Curious to pick Nataly’s brain, I suggested we meet for lunch. She was initially hesitant, but I convinced her by promising we’d dine at the finest organic eatery in Massachusetts: the Life Alive Café.

Favorite Books from Language Pros

Book worms are not rare in our industry. Localization and translation professionals are voracious readers, and they do it in several languages. When they’re working on a book as translators, they’re the author’s closest readers. That’s why we’d like to celebrate International Translation Day, Sept. 30, with a top-of-mind list by some ever-reading colleagues.