machine translation (MT)

Seventy Years of Machine Translation

This year marks 70 years since the first public demonstration of machine translation (MT), which arguably sparked the language AI revolution that we see today. On January 7, 1954, a team from Georgetown University and IBM automatically translated 60 Russian sentences into English.

ModernMT Outperforms Generic MTs and GenAI

An independent study, led by Achim Ruopp of Polyglot Technology, evaluated Translated’s adaptive MT solution against leading public MT systems using publicly available data sets and algorithms based on commonly used metrics. ModernMT performed best across the board. GPT-4 was also tested and couldn’t match it.

Creating a Successful Career in AI Translation

Embarking on a career in AI is an exhilarating journey that demands constant growth, and technical know-how is just the beginning. Blanca Vidal shares the path that led her to a fulfilling career in AI translation and gives advice for forging a successful career of your own in the field.

Human In The Loop

- Supported by Translated - Human In The Loop BY JOHN TINSLEY Translated recently released a dynamic, adaptive machine translation (MT) system that fuses advancements in AI...

Handling Executive Pressure: A Practical Guide for Localization Professionals

A trend has emerged where executives contemplate bypassing traditional translation processes and cutting budgets, swayed by the potential of Generative AI (GenAI).

The Linguistic Service Sector Between Rhetoric and Reality

It is crucial to abandon a falsely optimistic narrative often used for marketing purposes. While the linguistic sector might have a bright future, the benefits will not be evenly distributed.

The Secret to Effective Translation

Many companies continue to miss the mark when it comes to the translation of their content. Whether the translation is too literal or just not engaging in the other language, businesses are left scratching their heads as to why they can't fully "tap into" the markets of other languages.

Intento Secures $8M in Series A Funding

Intento announced an $8 million Series A funding round today, which will be used to scale company operations amid significant growth, expand sales and marketing efforts, and introduce a new version of the Intento platform.

Next-Generation MT

As neural machine translation (MT) has matured, software developers and users alike are looking for new innovative ways to produce better machine translations. For all the broken promises of “human quality” — except in the easiest of texts — MT has always lacked the ability for users to easily improve and orchestrate the quality they receive. It’s pretty much always been a “you get what you get” experience for most MT users.