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Protected: Caroline Crushell

Caroline Crushell remembers how, as a young girl learning Irish, her grandparents would tease her for her attraction to archaic or outdated words. Each new word learned was a discovery, like following a treasure map to unearth hidden gold. And what use is gold if you don’t have a little fun with it? Crushell found the fun of language learning through jokes and humor.

Protected: Nataly Kelly The best way out is through

When Nataly Kelly speaks, the world listens. As a leading voice on global business strategy, she devoted her career to helping companies embrace worldwide opportunities. Her new book, Take Your Company Global, distills decades of cross-border experience into a practical business guidebook for going global.

Protected: Georg Ell Phrase CEO

When it comes to the modern language technology business, keeping your eye on the ball is essential. It's a complicated, ever-changing world, which won't come as a novel observation to anyone who has been paying attention to the past few years.

Edith Bendermacher

Edith Bendermacher is a luminary in the realm of globalization strategy. In our recent conversation, we delved into her impressive 12-year journey at NetApp, her emphasis on community building amid a tech-driven world, and her perspectives on the evolving role of language services as businesses strive to meet the demands of a global audience.