User Experience

Omnicom agency, Mother Tongue, launches Mother Tongue AI to build better human-AI interactions

San Francisco, March 1, 2024 – Omnicom-owned language service provider (LSP), Mother Tongue, launches dedicated AI unit to help global brands improve their GenAI...

User feedback: the only quality measure that counts in localization

User feedback — direct information from those who use your product — is both the most important aspect of any good methodology and also key to any localization effort. Contrary to popular belief, the most relevant indicator of localization quality is rooted more in user experience than in any linguistic review. 

Are You A Startup Sherpa Or A UX Rockstar? Don’t Believe A Word

Shopping Around For Sherpas Check out this superb article by linguist, lexicographer, columnist, and self-described "all-around word nut"  Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer) in The Atlantic. Ben discusses the cultural...