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Alias Translation

Business Description:

Alias Translation is a language service provider based in Slovakia, Central Europe, with a branch office in the Slovak Republic. Our cultural understanding of this area makes us a professional, long-term partner for meeting client needs for translation, interpreting and localization. Our fields of expertise include medicine, law, technology, business and commerce, information technology, localization, complex graphic processing and other areas. In order to provide the high-quality language services required by domestic entities, foreign investors, transnational corporations, world providers of translation and localization services and further subjects, we offer a multifaceted service package.

Industry Specialties:

Medicine, legal, pharmaceutical, business, IT, localization, automotive, chemistry, civil engineering, economic, electronics, environmental, insurance, marketing, telecommunications
Language Specialties:

English, German to Slovak

Bratislava, Sliezska 9


Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

+421 692 084 978