All Correct Games

All Correct Games
Business Description:

All Correct Games is team of 50 in-house professionals and 500 individual contractors. We localize into 16 languages simultaneously. We offer a full game adaptation service, including voiceover and localization testing. We have extensive experience in translation software distribution, training and support for freelancers and corporate customers, representing Atril in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan since 2011. We are a member of GALA (the Globalization and Localization Association), a founder of Translation Forum Russia, and the host of Loc Kit, a conference on software localization and QA.

Industry Specialties:
Video games, business software, multimedia software, legal, chemical production, business processes
Language Specialties:
Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Polish and Czech.

4 Moskovskoye Shosse
Samara 443013