Arinna, Inc.

Arinna, Inc.
Business Description:

Arinna Inc. engages in fair pricing and remuneration practices while maintaining a sustainable business, uses recyclable and renewable resources as much as possible, cares for the community by developing language instruction and subsidized service programs. Our linguists are highly skilled interpreters and translators who are either active ATA members, certified by ATA or by their native country government/agencies, or have been tested through collaboration on several projects with Arinna Inc.

Industry Specialties:
Education, legal, patents, diplomatic, health care, medical, pharmaceuticals, business/commerce, financial, advertising, tourism, environment, ecology, human rights, women studies, social sciences, humanities, performing, visual arts, film, fashion, costumes, crafts, literature
Language Specialties:
Slovene, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian.

332 Bleecker St. No. K1
New York NY 10014