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Business Description:

BeatBabel focuses on all aspects of enabling their clients to make their materials available worldwide, in any language, for any audience. We believe in helping our clients from the onset of their international projects by assessing localizable content and streamlining processes saving time and cost. Our services include multilingual content management, translation and localization of websites, elearning courses and educational software, consulting services, TM and terminology management. Our teams consist of dedicated bilingual project managers, linguists and engineers with the right amount of flexibility between knowledge, tools and procedures.

Industry Specialties: Elearning, biotech, pharmaceutical, computer hardware, software, gaming, multimedia, hospitality, tourism, technology, telecommunication
Language Specialties: French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Dutch and Arabic.

444 W. C Street, Ste. 240
San Diego CA 92101

Country: USA
Phone: (+1) 619-564-4068
Fax: (+1) 858-605-1526