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Blue South

Business Description:

Blue South is a New Zealand-based translation agency that provides language translation services from English into the languages of the world. Blue South is ISO 9001 certified and works primarily for large exporters, translating the technical and promotional documentation.Wherever their market, whatever their technology, leading Australasian businesses rely on Blue South to meet their language translations needs in a timely, accurate and professional manner, within budget.

Industry Specialties: IT/software, electronics, GPS/GIS, engineering, mining/construction, medical/pharmaceutical, bio/food/agri techonology, marketing
Language Specialties: Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Canadian French, German and Korean.

PO Box 16798
Christchurch 8441

Phone: 64 (0)3 349 2818
Fax: 64 (0)3 349 2808