Chinese Marketing and Communications

Chinese Marketing and Communications
Business Description:

Chinese Marketing and Communications (CMC) was established in 1986 by Britain’s largest publisher for the domestic Chinese market, Chinese Information Centre. With an emphasis on timely delivery while providing a premium service in all areas, CMC has grown into the leading PRC-focused consulting, commercial translation and design service that it is today. Our in-house translators are augmented by an extensive roster of freelancers capable of translating at short notice any document to any level of expertise. We have the knowledge and experience to provide translation and interpreting services in any field, from and into any Chinese dialect, Japanese and Korean. All completed assignments are proofed in-house before submission to our clients, to ensure that our exacting quality standards are maintained.


5th Floor, Wuhan House
Manchester, England M1 4EJ

+44 (0)7971 888 080