CoDesCo IT Consulting GmbH

CoDesCo IT Consulting GmbH
Business Description:

CoDesCo IT Consulting GmbH is one of the worldwide leading providers and devolopers of software solutions for the Quark and Adobe product range like QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. Our clients are publishing houses, agencies and companies who have to create and edit layout documents in their daily business. For translation issues, CoDesCo has developed a software solution which allows the segmented text to be exported from QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign documents into .xliff file format. In this format, the text can be imported into translation memory systems and edited with all of the functionality of the translation memory system. An export into .doc and .rtf file format is also possible. After translation, the text can be re-imported into the output format, thereby all formatting of the origin layout document will remain unaltered.


Im Hegen 11
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