Cronica, Ltd.

Cronica, Ltd.
Business Description:

Cronica s.r.o. is a Central and Eastern European languages vendor with Slovak language as its core competence. Cronica s.r.o. is a successor of the Slovak language vendor Doc It!, which has been providing top-class legal, technical and medical translations for over six years. Our competence has been tested by large projects such as the  official translation of European law (acquis communautaire) to the Slovak language, localization of leading ERM and banking software, translation of NATO procurement vocabulary, operator manuals for high-tech medical machinery such as ultrasound devices and optical lasers and many other accuracy and quality critical projects.

Industry Specialties:
Medical, legal, technical, IT
Language Specialties:
Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, English, German and Spanish.

Haanova 12
851 04 Bratislava 5