EzGlobe, LLC

EzGlobe, LLC
Business Description:

EzGlōbe acts as a strategic partner for companies that believe in the importance of addressing their clients, partners or employees in their own language. We help our clients go global by providing professional translation, localization and internationalization services. EzGlōbe has been built on the premise of utilizing efficient technology in localization production. Our clients around the world benefit from a wide array of automated tools that optimize the reuse of translated words, decrease the engineering effort and increase the translation quality. EzGlōbe’s management draws on more than a decade and half of experience in the localization industry. Capitalizing on this experience, we provide consulting services in the localization process optimization.

Industry Specialties:
IT, elearning, medical, health, life science, financial, industrial
Language Specialties:
Western European, Latin American, Central and Eastern European, Asian and Middle Eastern.

100 Medford Street
Malden MA 02148