GET IT Language Solutions

GET IT Language Solutions
Business Description:

We have been providing professional translation and interpreting services for more than 20 years, eliminating language barriers in business. We help you focus on what is most important to you: making your plans and aspirations a reality in any market. Flexibility, timeliness and professional service are the key benefits of working with GET IT. The quality processes and standards we have implemented enable us to successfully cooperate with the largest global companies and their extended organizational structures. With advanced technology and specialized teams of translators, reviewers and coordinators, we are able to take on extensive, complex, multi-stage projects. We translate up to 500,000 words every day, more than 60 million words annually and we still have capacity for more.

Industry Specialties:
Medicine & pharmaceuticals, finance, banking & insurance, legal counseling, electronics, telecommunication & IT, power industry, fuels, electromechanical industry, chemical industry, infrastructure and construction, logistics, automotive industry, agriculture, media, furniture & interior design, beauty
Language Specialties:
All languages

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