Glossa Group GmbH

Glossa Group GmbH
Business Description:

The services and products provided by Glossa Group cover the entire range of digital and verbal intercultural communication. We offer professional solutions for permanently setting up your documentation in all languages and formats and many more related to the possibilities of multilingual understanding. myproof is the online proofreading system featuring an integrated workflow for the checking, verification and correction of continuously high text volumes. myproof is the practical, flexible further development of the linguistic quality parameters of ISO 17100, the automotive standard SAE-J2450 and the assessment methodology set out in the LISA QA model.

Industry Specialties:
Industry technology, information Technology, medicine, pharmacy, natural sciences, politics, law, administration, economics, commerce, finance, environmental matters, agriculture, forestry, sports, recreation, tourism

Büschstraße 7
20354 Hamburg