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GTE Localize

Business Description:

With years of experience in the localization industry and intensive regional knowledge, we commit to giving you peace of mind for all your Asian-language requests. Our translators and interpreters are experts in their native language and their second language, competent in their specific fields and have many years of professional experience. Our translation team has the linguistic skills and abilities necessary to solve your communication needs, thanks to their many years of professional experience and command of their source language. To ensure the quality of each translation project, we choose the right translator for each client and we assign a backup team of translators, if necessary.

Industry Specialties: Manufacturing, engineering, finance, banking, IT, software, manuals, instruction, banking, insurance, help files, electric, electronics, securities, website localization, mechanic, technical device, tax/accounting, software localization, construction, material, investment, telecommunication, automation, robotics, legal, contract, IT marketing, automotive,chemistry, physics, nuclear, energy, power, health
Language Specialties: English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Burmese.

No 67A, Alley 55 Hoang Hoa Tham Street
Hanoi 100000

Phone: +84987728933