Hero Translating

Hero Translating
Business Description:

Hero Translating is a multi-national language service provider offering high-end language services in 87 languages. Our headquarters are located in Prague, Czech Republic, but we also have branches in Brno, Bologna, Las Vegas, Rouen and London. We do our best to save our customers time and money and we help them rise to the challenges of the modern information society. Translating is the core of our business. Even for corporate clients with the highest standards, we can offer high quality products at a reasonable price. Thanks to our flexible customer support, you can consult us about the progress of your project and flexibly communicate new instructions.

Industry Specialties:
Legal, technical, automotive, financial, marketing, tourism, software localization, IT, machinery
Language Specialties:
English, Czech, Slovak, German, Italian, Russian, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish

Seifertova 823/9
130 00 Prague.

Czech Republic
+420 222543904