Human Science Co., Ltd.

Human Science Co., Ltd.
Business Description:

Human Science provides localization services for clients in the IT, manufacturing and medical fields. 
We are particularly specialized in localization for the Japanese and Asian markets, and 
provide services in manual and document production, systems development, e-Learning content and
 educational content production, as well as educational seminars on manual and document production.
The strength of Human Science is our in-depth knowledge of the Japanese marketplace. Our know-how of the Japanese language has been cultivated by over 20 years of technical writing experience, and it is allowing us to develop localization services that are highly regarded by many clients. We have also provided Japanese businesses with services for creating multimedia content and developing software from scratch for many years. With all of this knowledge and experience applied to localization, we are able to resolve various problems and obstacles that may arise during the localization work in-house. It is thus not only the quality of translation that keeps our clients extremely satisfied, but also the quality of our support for other aspects of the localization process. The high level of confidence that our clients place in us is proven by the large numbers of returning customers and customers who find us by word of mouth.


10F Odakyu Daiichi Seimei Bldg.
Tokyo 163-0710